SKTC Development Group INDOC is designed to develop & improve your abilities with self-led & evaluated drills, tests, and exercises for continuous incremental improvement.

1: The Test (10-10-10) 
The Test is the most basic standard through which to gauge both your current skill level, as well as your progress as you train. 
The Test serves both as a great warm up tool at the beginning of a shooting session, as well as a great way to cap the session at the end. 
The test consists of a B-8 (8" circle target) positioned 10 yards from the shooter. Upon buzzer, the shooter will draw from concealment or duty holster, and fire 10 rounds with a 10 second limit. 
If you don't do great the first time (or first few times...) don't worry, most people are surprised by the challenge this drill presents the first time they shoot it, despite sounding relatively easy, it is not. 

Using the B8 target provided, add up the zone numbers of each hit for your total score (three 8s, two 9s, and five 10s would be a score of 92)
Passing score is 90 (in 10 seconds or less), meaning more than one miss is a failure - but good news, you can test again and again. 

Download the Target Now
(prints to standard 8.5x11 paper)


2: Rucking: Moving not Maneuvering
Rucking is a physically demanding exercise; always consult a physician prior to attempting physical exercises. 

Movement over-land under load is a basic skill that nearly everyone accomplishes every day - typically, however, the land is flat, the movement is short, and the load is minimal. Learning to move over rough terrain, for extended periods of time (12-72 hours), with heavier loads (35+ lbs) is a skill that can only be learned through doing.
For this exercise, you will need a mid-to-high quality ruck sack (see examples here ), good quality hiking boots that protect your ankle (here ), and a lot of water. 
To begin, pack your ruck with a minimum of 35lbs (water, food, and basic toiletries don't count towards the weight minimum, but all should be accounted for in a well packed ruck), starting with lighter items at the bottom and moving to heavier items towards the top. Read More about Ruck Packing Here .
If this is your first time rucking, confirm with your physician that you are physically healthy prior to beginning and choose a shorter course (1-2 miles round trip). Over time, you will be able to build up to heavier weights, longer distances, and faster times.

Starting with a 35lb ruck and moving one mile (.5 out .5 back) 15 minutes is a 100% score. Deduct 5% for every 30sec over 15 min (rounding).
This pace should be consistent as you add distance and weight; be sure to consult with a physician before beginning and before each increase in weight or distance.
Our goal is to safely cover the most distance possible, as quickly as possible, with the gear we NEED (you'll have plenty of time to ponder if you actually need everything packed in your ruck).

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